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who we are?

Who We Are


We are a team of dedicated professionals creating a holistic wellness hub and platform aimed to provide one-on-one personalized services to people; hence the name, Community.
Our roster of services includes Miha Bodytec EMS training (Electro-Muscular Stimulation), conventional training mainly based on body weight, HIIT , Kickboxing, lifestyle and fitness guidance and more.
With our approach to individualized and guided fitness training services, each client will experience a complete mind and body transformation through our ethos – wellness in motion.

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Our mission is to utilize our knowledge and experience in the best way we can in the field of HEALTH and SPORTS; in order to help as many people achieve their overall well-being goals holistically, and create new patterns between keeping fit and staying genuine through self-discipline and consistency.

Community Fitness Studio is for everyone!

  • There is no age limit

  • There is no fitness level needed

  • There is no experience needed

People are made perfect the way they are, we are here to remind them of that and enhance their potential.




Our vision is to be the number one Well-Being Fitness Studio in Oman by providing expertise and guidance for our clients.

People deserve the best and we will bring out the best in them as a dynamic team.




1. Drive – while training or communicating, we are driven by our passion and dedication.

2. Community – making people feel at home and involved in our collective well-being community.

3. Trust – gaining the trust of clients through unique fitness methods and proven results.

4. Commitment – providing holistic physical and mental growth and development programs to help clients commit to their goals and targets.

5. Knowledge – Community is based on knowledge and expertise; and continues to ensure that its trainers and professionals are up-to-date with new skills, studies and concepts of training.

6. Fun – having fun helps the mind to relax and enjoy the moment. This is an integral part of our training routine

7. Integrity – being honest, transparent and professional with our code of conduct both internally and externally.

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Oman Muscat, Al Qurum Heights, Mina Al Fahel Street # 10

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