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Who We Are

First EMS Studio In Oman.

We are a team of dedicated professionals creating a holistic wellness hub and platform aimed to provide one-on-one personalized services to people; hence the name, Community...

About Us

What is EMS?

The New Technology for healthy and vital life

We train using Miha Bodytec, the innovative further development of the Electro-Muscular Stimulation (EMS) principle used by leading professional athletes, physiotherapists, personal trainers in top-of-the-line fitness and wellness...

What Do We Offer

SHORT, SHARP and EFFECTIVE individually tailored physical training programs, lead by our unique and certified personal trainers helping you achieve your body goals and maintain an overall holistic wellbeing.


Meet The Team

Our trainers are young, energetic and enthusiastic and they will get you in the best shape of your life as fast as possible as credit to their outstanding qualifications and years of experience.

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Marianne Hassakourzian

Senior Trainer at Community - Wellness In Motion

Holding a BA in Physical Education, 8+ years of experience in getting clients in shape.

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Maysaa Tarhini

Senior Trainer at Community - Wellness In Motion

Owner of 2 black belts (2DAN) in Karate from Japan, 6+ years of experience in pushing clients out of their comfort zones.


Eman AL Zakwani

Founder of Community - Wellness In Motion

Eman’s passion for well-being and her deep drive towards what makes the human soul thrive, has involved expansive searches, academic study and personal transformation.

Eman is a wellness coach and a professional trainer whose ‘’gentle philosopher’’ approach to her clients helps them confront their own baggage and transcend to the next plane of life.

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Nelly Slaibi

Manager of Community - Wellness In Motion

Holding a Masters Degree in Physical Education 

14+ years of experience in releasing chronic pain through customized workouts and coaching.


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Oman Muscat, Al Qurum Heights, Mina Al Fahel Street # 10

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